Top Reasons to Choose SELC

Thinking about joining the SELC community? Here are the top reasons why students choose SELC.

Flexible Learning That Fits Your Life

At SELC, we understand that there’s more to life than just school. In addition to your studies, you have a long list of responsibilities and priorities like work, childcare, taking care of elderly parents and other dependents, domestic labour like cleaning the house and getting dinner on the table, and taking care of yourself. That is why we offer online programs that give you the flexibility to schedule your education around the rest of your life.

Funding Opportunities & Affordable Tuition

We do everything we can to make our programs as accessible as possible to everyone. We have a number of financial resources and funding opportunities available and keep tuition affordable.

Our 200-level Supply Chain Management Specialist program is fully government funded, which means that students can complete the program without paying any tuition out of pocket.

Diverse Programs Available

SELC offers a wide variety of career college programs, ESL programs, and pathway programs. This means that students from many different backgrounds with varying goals can find what they are looking for at SELC. Whether you are interested in learning English, building your digital marketing skills, training in hospitality management, or want to upgrade your learning before transferring to another institution, SELC has the program for you.

Vancouver Life

While it is not necessary to relocate to Vancouver in order to complete your studies at SELC college, many students prefer to so that they can enjoy everything that this city has to offer. Vancouver is located on the West coast of British Columbia and is known for its many beaches, green spaces, hiking trails, outstanding transit, and delicious restaurants. 

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