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Canada? Canada?

History and Culture Since 1985

Here at SELC Vancouver we have developed our own brand, a unique culture and warm atmosphere. This is
what separates us from the larger and less personal institutions. Students arriving at SELC for the first time are
always pleasantly surprised at the range and quality of facilities including the excellent student support that SELC
has to offer. In fact, SELC students immediately gain a sense of a personal and nurturing environment that
ensures all students are able to settle comfortably into their studies. This calming atmosphere that SELC has
created is an intrinsic value in SELC’s student culture. SELC staff go out of their way to make the college a
place where everybody knows your name and where you as a student can feel at ease and welcome no matter
what continent you are from.

Quality and Variety

Our dedication to academic excellence and personal service provides every kind of learner with an unforgettable, unique learning and cultural experience. SELC is a medium-sized boutique school with more than 30 staff to serve our students at our centrally located campus in downtown Vancouver. SELC provides a wide range of interesting courses, excellent facilities and highly qualified, experienced instructors, as well as individual, personalized and friendly service to students of all ages and cultures. We pride ourselves on smaller classes, frequent start dates and ongoing student supports to ensure a higher-than-normal graduation rate for our students.

Study and Career Pathways

SELC offers a wide range of study pathways to Universities and Colleges, including pathways directly into SELC Career College Canada via the SELC Language College English and Foundations programs. At SELC Career College, students have the opportunity to learn from qualified instructors with relevant industry experience ensuring students gain first-hand knowledge of the employment sectors they are choosing for their career destination.

Students who attend both the language and career colleges benefit from SELC’s career advisory and co-op placement assistance staff who provide students with current advice on their career choices, areas of specialization including how to adjust and assimilate into the workplace and employment sectors in Canada.

As part of our Career Pathway Program, SELC organizes workshops with industry professionals, assists students with their resumes, job placement and applications, and interview techniques. Once students have completed their employment preparation they are provided with placement assistance for job and internship opportunities in companies seeking skilled graduates able to immediately enter the workforce. This is a “lifetime job placement assistance offer” provided to our students should they ever feel the need to change jobs or make a change in their fields of employment. We believe in our graduates and stand by them as and when needed throughout their lifetime.

Upgrading and Staying Relevant

Upon graduating from SELC Colleges, students are advised about “lifetime refresher training and upgrading” which is provided to students who may need to refresh their skills to adapt to changing industry needs. This unique offering allows our students to continually be relevant and employable through their lifetime.

A Truly International Experience

Our student body is made up of people from over 27 different countries, from all parts of Europe, Asia and Central and South America. This diverse global mix in the classroom helps to create the college’s unique atmosphere where students have the opportunity not only to study for their vocation but also experience other cultures from all over the

Academic Excellence and Support

As a result of the quality and experience of our instructors at SELC, every student is provided with a unique opportunity to enhance their English language ability and gain sought-after workplace skills enabling rapid progression in their studies. The SELC program instructors are highly qualified and experienced and they actively take part in ongoing professional development to remain up-to-date with changes in their field. Our dynamic instructors have university credentials and/or a minimum of 10 years’ experience in their industry and most importantly are known for being knowledgeable, approachable and friendly. Their skill levels in the classroom and online, using applied and experiential learning techniques, exceed private college standards, which makes them simply the best at what they do.

SELC programs are structured to include skills electives and extra workshops – our flexible timetable is tailored to the students on most types of study visas or visitor visas for vocational, academic or language studies.

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