Diploma Program

Hospitality Management 200


Brief Program Description

These courses provide the crucial link between academia and the global hospitality industry. They give students the applied, real-world knowledge employers seek. The courses prepare students for entry-level and hospitality management positions, as well as specific technical and supervisory job skills employers’ demand.

Instructors use comprehensive and consistent lesson plans to engage and instruct students in a dynamic and experiential learning environment. The courses make use of Vital Source online resources through E-text. Through the Google Classroom portal they can watch videos and complete attached assignments, create comprehensive study guides, take snap quizzes and track their learning and grades. As a result, the program engages current online and classroom active learning and stimulates critical thinking.

The program will utilize daily in-class lectures accompanied by PowerPoint (PPT) presentations, in-class exercises, case studies, student group business presentations, quizzes, midterm projects and final exams.

Career Occupation

Entry Level Positions:
Entry level Managerial to Mid-Management Positions:
The Benefit the student would derive: Would be prolonged exposure to the positions available within the entry level Hospitality to Mid-management levels within the Hospitality Industry.
Students require ONE of the following:
Students require the following:

Learning Objectives

Upon completion, students will master the management and operational skills that make hospitality and F&B properties thrive.

Graduation Requirements

Students must achieve a minimum of 60% in each course and successfully complete their Work Experience.

Students must also maintain a minimum of 80% attendance throughout the duration of the program and are expected to complete all exams, quizzes and assignments, as well as participate in all discussions and activities.

Students must complete the assigned co-op report to be submitted one-week after the completion of their co-op placement and achieve a Satisfactory Grade (S) in order to receive their formal Diploma.


A passing grade of 60% consisting of Final Exam, Midterm Project, Group Presentation, Quizzes and Assignments
The program has been reviewed and approved by the Private Training Institutions Branch (PTIB) of the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills & Training.
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