Diploma Program

Hospital Support Specialist

This program is approved by PTIB

Program Overview

A new and in high demand position within hospitals, private surgical centers and acute care facilities is the Hospital Support Specialist. A key role is multitasking administrative and clerical duties across the hospital environment. Students in the Hospital Support Specialist will learn valuable skills for working in a hospital environment in administrative and clerical support roles.
The courses taught throughout the program are designed for applied learning and pragmatic application of skillsets. Taught by industry professionals, the learning throughout the courses is interwoven with very real-world examples and pragmatic applications of essentials skills.

Students will come away with a deepened understanding of the complex administrative structures of hospitals and requirements for clerical, administrative and supportive roles. They will acquire enhanced communication skills, technology for healthcare, admitting and registration of patients in various departments and/or hospital units, billing, documentation and patient data, clerical tasks, scheduling and handling patient charts.

Career Opportunities

NOC Code: 1414 & 14101


English Requirements:

In Lieu of the SELC admissions test, students may submit a test score from one of the following.

Students require ALL of the following:

Proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency for domestic students

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and completion of high school studies and/or commencement of postsecondary studies OR have achieved MATURE STUDENT STATUS: 19 years of age

Work Experience Requirements

Some practicum hosts may require their practicum students to have the following:

Negative TB skin test or chest X-ray

An immunization record showing current vaccinations (site specific vaccination requirements will be advised on practicum placement)

Criminal Record Check (CRC).


Program Duration

  • 48 weeks - total of 960 Hours
  • Classroom Instruction 800 Hours
  • Practicum 160 Hours



SSS - Student Success Strategies

CIS - Career Success I

BCB - Business Computer Basics

COM - Interpersonal Communication

CHT - Introduction To Canadian Healthcare & Terminology

IND - Indigenous needs in Canadian Healthcare

MT1 - Medical Transcription I

MT2 - Medical Transcription II

PH1 - Basic Pharmacology & Medication Management

HAP - Human Anatomy and Physiology

MOP - Medical Office Procedures

HIS - Health Information systems

MRD - Medical records & Documentation

MBC - Medical Billing & Coding

IHE - Introduction to the Hospital Environment and Protocols

RSV - Registration services

ATD - Admission, Transfer & Discharge Procedures

ROI - Release of Information

DCP - Diagnostic Imaging Clerical Procedures

WHS - Workplace Health & Safety for Hospitals

Additional Courses & Certifications

CPR/first aid


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