Diploma in International Business Communications

This program emphasizes on developing persuasive speaking, active listening, investigative questioning, and clear communication skills. The curriculum includes daily lectures, role plays, simulations, guided discussions, group presentations, and exams, aiming to enhance students’ abilities in various Canadian industries requiring client care and customer service.

International Business Communication Student

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What Will Students Learn With Business Communication Program?

Customer Service and communications training programs can vary widely in degrees, depth, and industry that they target. In the Canadian context of a multicultural society, client/customer service representatives are presented with the increased challenge of interacting with clients/customers that can come with vastly different views and expectations. However, GREAT client care and customer service foundations all consist of similar fundamental skill sets and attributes such as…
  • Persuasive speaking skills
  • Active listening skills
  • Investigative/curious questioning techniques
  • Consistent ability to use positive language
  • Intercultural competence
  • Clear communication skills


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Exclusive courses in business communication

Courses in International Business Communication Diploma

In this course students will learn the foundations of interpersonal communications by focusing on how they relate to other people and the impact on relationships within the company and most importantly relationships with customers and stakeholders outside the company. The course will focus on helping students to develop high interpersonal communication skills in speaking and listening to be used in providing excellent customer service.

Learning Intercultural Competence for today’s business environment has become essential for the workplace especially in customer service capacity. Rapid globalization, levels of increased tourism as well as the dynamics of a Canadian Multicultural society all set the stage for the requirements of this new skill set. In this course students will learn the imperatives for intercultural competence. The will discover Cultural patterns, identity and biases and how to communicate interculturally both verbally and non-verbally.

Customer Service Excellence is a broad topic and in this course students will focus on a practical approach to Customer Service. Students will discover what Customer Service really is and what it is not. They will be introduced to the many challenges of providing effective customer service and learn how to problem solve and formulate plans for success that will benefit the customer and also the company.

Career opportunities for students

Jobs & Career For International Students

Annually, Canada’s dynamic job market unfurls, offering a spectrum of roles across innovative sectors. Here, students equipped with versatile communication skills stand out. Their proficiency in articulating complex ideas, whether in writing or speech, not only enhances their employability but also positions them as pivotal contributors in diverse professional environments. These abilities, transcending basic job prerequisites, become catalysts for career advancement and personal growth in a continually evolving economic landscape. With those skillsets, our students can work in different industries!
  • Account manager
  • Sales representative
  • Office support worker

    Average salary for 

    a general office support workers

    $44,160/ a year

    Diploma in International Business Communications

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    Start Dates for the Program 

    Students who would like to study International Business Communication Diploma can decide on any date to start the program. Program start dates are subject to change. Our team will assist you in finding the best available date regarding your study plans in Canada.

    Start Dates in 2024
    May 06th 2024
    Jul 02nd 2024
    Aug 12th 2024
    Sep 23rd 2024
    Nov 04th 2024
    Dec 30th 2024