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The business courses in the Business Foundations program focus on cutting-edge firsts, up-to-date issues that shape today’s business world, and experiential learning that helps students to build a solid foundation of business knowledge and skills.

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What Will Students Learn With the Business Foundations Program?

The Business Foundations Diploma Program provides students with a comprehensive understanding of core business principles and practices. Students will develop analytical thinking, enhance their knowledge of business environments, and learn effective communication techniques, both in person and through electronic media. The program also emphasizes the importance of understanding consumer behavior, strategic marketing, and the challenges of globalization. Additionally, students will gain insights into financial accounting and the management of employee relationships, equipping them with the tools necessary for successful careers in the dynamic world of business.

  • Analytical thinking
  • Presentation skills development
  • Strategic marketing understanding
  • Team collaboration skills
  • Globalization challenges insight
  • Accounting fundamentals mastery


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Exclusive courses in business foundation

Courses in Business Foundations Diploma

This course is designed to introduce students to the contemporary business world in Canada and globally from the perspective of an employee, employer, consumer and investor. The course will cover business topics such as; business environments, entrepreneurship, organizing your business, managing your business, and lastly accounting principles and risk management. We hope to assist student analysis skills, build their business knowledge and exercise their presentation skills.

This course is designed for students who have no previous experience in business, but who desire to obtain a general overview of business and who are pursuing a business program of study. This course examines organizational theory and application. It makes a comprehensive review of individual, group, and organizational performance in relation to organizational structures in contemporary business settings.

In this course students will have an enhanced understanding of basic marketing concepts, strategies and practices. The course will cover strategic marketing planning processes. And, you’ll put those processes to task by creating a marketing plan using the external environment, market research, and consumer and business buying behaviour. Your strategic execution will utilize the 4P’s and a range of marketing communications. We will assist student understanding of strategic marketing process, utilize new technologies and exercise their presentation skills.

In this course students will learn the foundations of business communications by discussing and reviewing the importance of effective communication skills, communicating in teams, mastering listening, nonverbal communication skills, and the practice of intercultural communications in the global environment. Students will practice the three-step writing process to plan, write and complete business messages in electronic media and online social media alternatives (Email,Twitter, Blogs, etc.).

Career opportunities for students

Jobs & Career For International Students

The Business Foundations Program offers a robust foundation for various career paths in the business world, tailored to the diverse skills and knowledge acquired through its comprehensive curriculum. Graduates are well-prepared for roles that require analytical thinking, strategic planning, effective communication, and an understanding of global business dynamics.
  • Communication Coordinator
  • Sales representative
  • Customer service associate
  • Administrative assistant

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    a Sales Representative

    $57,600/ a year

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    Start Dates for the Program 

    Students who would like to study Business Foundations Diploma can decide on any date to start the program. Program start dates are subject to change. Our team will assist you in finding the best available date regarding your study plans in Canada.

    Start Dates in 2024
    May 06th 2024
    Jul 02nd 2024
    Aug 12th 2024
    Sep 23rd 2024
    Nov 04th 2024
    Dec 30th 2024