Business & Hospitality Foundations Co-op

Certificate Program

This program has been approved by PTIB.


Program Overview

The Business & Hospitality Foundations Co-op program emphasizes the long-standing principle of “Doing the Basics Best.” This program focuses on cutting-edge firsts, up-to-date issues that shape today’s business and hospitality world, and creative pedagogy that helps students to build a solid foundation of business and hospitality knowledge. The Business & Hospitality Foundations 100 program will utilize daily in-class lectures accompanied by PowerPoint (PPT) presentations, in-class case studies, professional business presentations, quizzes and final module exams.

Career Opportunities

Potential Career Options upon completion of the program are but not limited to:

Students require ONE of the following:

All applicants and registrants, regardless of citizenship status or country of origin, must demonstrate an adequate level of proficiency in English.

There are two ways to meet the English requirement:

1. Complete both of the following:

A) English 10, 11 or 12 or equivalent with a minimum of ‘C’ Grade for proficiency in reading and writing

B) Two years of full-time education in English in an English-speaking country For proficiency in speaking and listening


2. Demonstrate proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening by completing one of the following courses or assessments to meet acceptable levels:

Students require ALL of the following:

Proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency for domestic students

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and completion of high school studies and/or commencement of post-secondary studies


have achieved MATURE STUDENT STATUS: 19 years of age, out of secondary school for a minimum of 1 year with program industry experience minimum of 100 hours


Program Duration

  • 24 weeks - total of 672 hours
  • Classroom Instruction 336 hours Co-op 336 hours



Course 1 – Business Essentials (BFBE) (110 of Hours)

This course is designed to introduce students to the contemporary business world in Canada and globally from the perspective of an employee, employer, consumer and investor. The course will cover business topics such as; business environments, entrepreneurship, organizing your business,managing your business and risk management.

Course 2 –The Lodging and Food Service Industry (HMIH) (106 of Hours)

This course provides the students with a comprehensive introduction to the many entities that make up the hospitality industry, as well as an overview of today's hot issues, including ethical challenges and management concerns. Numerous examples, exhibits, and statistics give students an up-to-date look at the dynamic field of business in the hospitality industry.

Course 3 – Digital Business & Ecommerce (SCEC) (120 of Hours)

The Digital Business & E-Commerce Management course provides students with an in-depth introduction to the field of digital business and e-commerce. Learning is focused on key concepts, and the latest empirical and financial data, that will help students understand and take advantage of the evolving world of opportunity offered by the digital age of business and e-commerce, which is dramatically altering the way supply chain business is conducted and driving major shifts in the global economy.

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