Diploma Program

Business Foundations 400


Program Overview

The Business Foundations 400 program combines all the dynamics of Business Foundation 200 which emphasizes the long-standing principle of “Doing the Basics Best.” The business courses in the Business Foundations 400 program focus on cutting-edge firsts, up-to-date issues that shape today’s business world, and experiential learning that helps students to build a solid foundation of business knowledge and skills. Students will learn the essentials for Canadian Business, International Business, Organizational Behaviour, Human Resource Management, and Business Communications, Selling, Marketing and Financial Accounting. These courses work together to provide a seamless coverage of vital knowledge, helping students to understand the concepts behind best practices in business while they develop and refine their skills to meet employer expectations in business today.

Instructors use comprehensive and consistent lesson plans to engage and instruct students in a dynamic and experiential learning environment. The courses make use of Pearson Education online resources through E-text attached to the MyLab learning platform. Through the Pearson MyLab portal they can perform real life simulations, watch videos and complete attached assignments, create comprehensive study guides, take snap quizzes and track their learning and grades. As a result, the Business Foundations 400 program engages current online and classroom active learning and stimulates critical thinking.

The Business Foundation 400 program will utilize daily in-class lectures accompanied by PowerPoint (PPT) presentations, in-class exercises, case studies, student group business presentations, test your knowledge (TYK) quizzes, midterm and final exams.

Career Opportunities

Upon completion of the entire course, students may be able to and not limited to obtaining a job in the Following NOC classification categories: Upon completion of the entire course, students may be able to and not limited to obtaining a job in the Following NOC classification categories:

Graduation Requirements


Students require ONE of the following:

Has successfully reached the Upper Intermediate Level at SELC English Language Centre SELC Career College on-site administered English Language Test AND

Students require ALL of the following:

Applicants must be 18 years of age or older and completion of high school studies and/or commencement of post-secondary studies OR have achieved MATURE STUDENT STATUS: 19 years of age, out of secondary school for a minimum of 1 year with program industry experience minimum of 100 hours

Proof of Canadian citizenship or permanent residency for domestic students


Duration: 1920 hrs

Business Foundation 400 (Classroom Instruction 960 hrs)
(Co-op 960 hrs)

ABOUT Business Foundations 410

Duration: 960 hrs

Business Foundation 410 (Classroom Instruction 960 hrs)

Business Foundations

Business Foundations 410 Non Co-op


Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to…

Explain the essentials of Canadian Business from the perspective of the employee, the employer (boss), the consumer and the investor.

Define the key elements making up the discipline of OB (organizational behaviour) and explain their significance to the Canadian workplace.

Demonstrate effective marketing skills that focus on the Canadian consumer

Describe the real-world characteristics of international business today by emphasizing the importance of cultural influences, sustainable business practices, and managerial implications

Demonstrate effective oral and basic written business communication using various mediums

Identify the key areas of Human Resource management and define their purpose in the Canadian workplace.

Describe accounting and financial requirements for business


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