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Pathway to Capilano University

Our pathway with Capilano University (CAPU), located in beautiful North Vancouver, British Columbia, gives special choices for international students in Canada.
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Capilano University Pathway in Vancouver

The program length at Capilano University may vary based on the number of credits that transfer. You are expected to take 30 credits (10 courses) per year. With credit transfer, the program length maybe 4 or 5 terms with one scheduled break term. Students must complete at least the academic duration of their program to apply for Capilano University Pathway.

Benefits of CapU Pathway Program for Students

Free Duolingo Test Included

SELC College will subsidize all graduates for one Duolingo testing fee.

Up to $13,500 Saving from the Tuition Fee

A more affordable pathway to your degree in Canada. Attain your credits and potentially reduce your fees through our unique pathway programs.

Achieve Your Degree in Canada

Depending on the credits attained at Capilano University, students will receive either a Business Diploma or a BBA Degree.

How Does CapU Pathway Work for Students?


English Language Preparation

(Only if required)

This step is crucial for students who need to improve their English language skills to meet the academic requirements of post-secondary education in Canada. If your English proficiency is not at the required level, you’ll need to enroll in this program during your admission process.


Study Your Diploma Program at SELC College

After enhancing your English skills, the next step is to complete a specialized diploma in digital marketing. This program provides foundational knowledge and skills in digital marketing, which are crucial for a career in business management.


Transfer Your Credits to Capilano University

Once you complete the Business Foundations, Digital Marketing Specialist or Supply Chain Management Diploma Program at SELC, you become eligible to transfer your credits to Capilano University. As a final step, students will need to accomplish a CapU Business Administration Diploma or Bachelor of Business Administration to get their degree and to apply for their PGWP.

Pathway Options to Diploma or Degree at CapU

Our pathway agreement with Capilano University helps students to complete their degrees or diploma programs.  Students can transfer up to 48 credits to Capilano University from SELC College’s programs.

Business Administration (without co-op)

BusDip: 21 credits

BBA: 24 credits

Digital Marketing Specialist

BusDip: 12 credits

BBA: Up to 48 credits

Supply Chain Management

BusDip: 12 credits

BBA: Up to 33 credits

Frequently Asked Questions for Pathway Programs

What is a pathway program, and how does it help international students in Canada?

A pathway program is designed to help international students who may need additional academic preparation or English language skills before they can enroll in a full-degree program. At SELC College, the pathway program provides foundational courses and language training that prepare students for further studies. Once you successfully complete the program, you are better equipped to meet the academic standards of Canadian higher education institutions.

What is the process of a pathway in Canada?

After completing the pathway program at SELC College, you will have the opportunity to transfer to another college or university in Canada to continue your degree. The process usually involves applying to a partner institution that has an agreement with SELC. It’s important to meet the transfer criteria, which typically include maintaining a certain GPA and having a strong English proficiency score.

What kind of support services does SELC College offer to international students during their pathway program?

SELC College offers a range of support services to help international students adjust to life in Canada and succeed academically. These services often include orientation programs, academic advising, counseling, help with visa regulations, and sometimes assistance with finding accommodation and part-time jobs. These supports are vital to help you navigate your studies and life in a new country effectively.