Academic Pathways in Canada for International Students

Pathway programs in Canada offer a unique opportunity for international students to bridge the gap between their current qualifications and the requirements of Canadian higher education institutions. These programs are designed to enhance language skills, familiarize students with the Canadian academic environment, and provide a smooth transition to undergraduate or graduate studies in Canada.

Our Pathways with Top Academic Institutions in Canada

pathway programs in Canada


Working closely with various Canadian universities and colleges, pathway program partners play a crucial role in the success of these initiatives. They ensure that the curriculum is aligned with the academic standards and expectations of higher education institutions across Canada.

The List of Pathway Programs in Canada

  1. LaSalle College Pathway
  2. BCIT Pathway
  3. Capilano University Pathway

Benefits of Pathway Programs for Students

Scheduled Study Plan in Canada

One of the primary advantages of pathway programs is the ability to have a scheduled study plan in place before even arriving in Canada. This pre-arrival planning is crucial for students, as it allows them to understand the academic journey ahead, including the courses they will take, the duration of their study, and any preparatory classes they need to complete.

Up to $7,000 Saving from the Tuition Fee

Financial benefits are a significant aspect of pathway programs, with students often able to save up to $7,000 on tuition fees. These savings can come from a variety of sources, such as scholarships exclusive to pathway program participants, reduced rates for certain preparatory courses, or credits that reduce the total number of courses needed to graduate.

Apply for Work Permit After Graduation in Canada

Pathway programs not only prepare students academically but also set the stage for future career opportunities in Canada. Graduates of these programs are eligible to apply for a Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP), allowing them to work in Canada for up to three years after their studies.

How Do Pathway Programs in Canada Work?


Step 3: Start Your Degree Program

Students can start their degree-granting program after accomplishing diploma programs.


Step 2: Accomplish Your Diploma Program

Students must complete their academic program at SELC College


Step-1: Apply For a Diploma Program

Start your diploma program to be eligible for your pathway program.

Frequently Asked Questions for Pathway Programs

What is a pathway program, and how does it help international students in Canada?

A pathway program is designed to help international students who may need additional academic preparation or English language skills before they can enroll in a full-degree program. At SELC College, the pathway program provides foundational courses and language training that prepare students for further studies. Once you successfully complete the program, you are better equipped to meet the academic standards of Canadian higher education institutions.

What is the process of a pathway in Canada?

After completing the pathway program at SELC College, you will have the opportunity to transfer to another college or university in Canada to continue your degree. The process usually involves applying to a partner institution that has an agreement with SELC. It’s important to meet the transfer criteria, which typically include maintaining a certain GPA and having a strong English proficiency score.

What kind of support services does SELC College offer to international students during their pathway program?

SELC College offers a range of support services to help international students adjust to life in Canada and succeed academically. These services often include orientation programs, academic advising, counseling, help with visa regulations, and sometimes assistance with finding accommodation and part-time jobs. These supports are vital to help you navigate your studies and life in a new country effectively.