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Events and Traditions

SELC College hosts a number of online and offline events to help students discover the school,
enjoy Vancouver life, and connect with new friends. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to
get regular updates about what’s happening at SELC College!

Students Activities
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SELC College is in a perfect location: it is only a couple of minutes by foot from Waterfront Station,
Vancouver’s main transportation terminus that links up the SeaBus, Expo SkyTrain Line, Canada
SkyTrain Line, West Coast Express and many different bus lines.

The Campus Experience
Academic Excellence and Support

Japanese, Indian, Mexican, Korean, American, Italian, etc. Cuisines from various countries are all in walking distance.


From beautiful beaches to snow-capped mountains, Vancouver is an outdoor paradise and is the perfect place for those looking for the adventure of lifetime.

International Exposure

There’s a lot of international exposure inside and outside of the school. Students will get to interact and live with people from different nationalities.

Arts and Culture

Vancouver is alive with creativity. It has amazing music, dance, festivals, film, galleries, museums and special events.


Vancouver has some of the mildest weather in Canada and offers distinctively beautiful four seasons that students will enjoy.


Excellent options are available for you to choose from: sharing with roommates, living in a homestay or renting your own apartment.

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