Caution It’s Halloween! here are 5 eerie activities that will send a chill down your spine!

April 29, 2024



Hello SELCers,

Happy Halloween!!

Do you know why Halloween is celebrated?

The earliest known source of some of our secular Halloween customs is said to be the ancient Gaelic holiday of Samhain, which began the evening before November 1 but occurred on that day. Seasons were changing at a critical time of year, but more significantly, observers thought the veil between this world and the hereafter was particularly thin, allowing them to communicate with the dead. Halloween acquires its “haunted” meaning from this as well.

5 spooky Halloween practices.

1. Making Jack-o’-Lanterns

Almost every front porch has a Jack-o’-Lantern throughout the Halloween season. One of the most popular Halloween pastimes is pumpkin carving, sometimes known as crafting Jack-o’-Lanterns.

2. Putting on ghoulish costumes

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Halloween is the opportunity to dress up! Expect to see individuals dressed up in full costumes out and about in the days and weeks running up to the holiday. You will most likely see costumes ranging from mummies, ghosts, and zombies to pop culture references, cartoon characters, and animals.

3. Visiting haunted houses

This seems insane, doesn’t it? Why would somebody go to a scary home on purpose? Haunted homes often feature particularly frightening themes, but they can also combine a number of terrifying topics to produce the most terrifying experience imaginable.

4. Telling scary stories

Halloween is a time of year when a little extra creepiness is appropriate from the costumes to the haunted homes. One common approach to getting into the Halloween spirit is to tell scary stories about ghosts, monsters, and terrifying animals.

5. Trick-or-treating

While there are rarely any tricks on Halloween, there are plenty of treats. On October 31, trick-or-treating takes place in the evening. After school, children dress up in their goofiest and spookiest costumes. Then they walk around their neighbourhood, saying “Trick or treat!” at each door.