Black Friday- You deserve more!

Hello SELCers, Happy Black Friday! Do you know what Black Friday is? And why is it celebrated? The day following US Thanksgiving is observed as “Black Friday” to mark the beginning of the formal holiday season and to promote shopping sprees. Black Friday provides several discounts and incredible bargains so that people can indulge in their […]

Phishing in the deep

Don’t be persuaded by frauds and scams– A webinar by RBC.  On October 4th, 2022, we had an informative webinar by RBC bank to help our students to protect and create awareness of the different types of Fraud happening in Canada. What are Fraud or Cyber scams? Fraud occurs when deception is employed to acquire […]

Work more than 20 hrs/week as a student!

Don’t get restricted to working for just 20 hours. Immigration Minister Sean Fraser has updated new temporary measures for international students who are in Canada. From November 15th, 2022 till December 31, 2023 students with authorization on their study permit will be allowed to work over 20 hours per week off-campus while class is in […]

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