BC Supply Chain Issues: Employees Needed

April 29, 2024



In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, 54% of Canadian companies are negatively impacted by the resulting supply chain issues. That means that over half of Canadian companies are struggling with their supply chain, and many are on the hunt for skilled professionals to help get their growth trajectories back on track. The multiple shutdowns and mandates that occurred over the course of the past two years meant that the supply chain was disrupted due to a lack of workers able to safely do their jobs, and the impact is still being felt.

What Does This Mean for Jobs?

Companies are in need of supply chain specialists, and the government is putting money into it. In fact, B.C. organizations are eligible for one-time grants of up to $400,000 in order to solve supply-chain related issues. That means that lots of jobs are available for those looking for a career in the field. This also means that the way that supply chain specialist jobs operate is changing, with the field becoming more diverse in terms of what supply chain specialists do on the day-to-day. Depending on the role, supply chain specialists may be working hands-on in a warehouse, or spending their time in an office doing more administrative work, or doing technology-based work such as building apps. 

To summarize, due to BC’s current issues with the supply chain, there are more and more job openings in supply chain management and the roles available to supply chain specialists are becoming more diverse and varied, ranging from warehouse work to creating apps.

How Can I Become a Supply Chain Specialist?

There has never been a better time to pursue a career in supply chain transportation, logistics, or management. SELC College’s Supply Chain Transportation & Logistics diploma program is currently 100% government funded (*conditions apply), which means that students do not have to pay any tuition. SELC College also offers a Supply Chain Management program for those who wish to deepen their education in the field. All of SELC College’s supply chain programs are offered fully online, which makes them accessible to students who have jobs, families, and other responsibilities that make in-person education difficult.