Our Mission

To embolden our graduates through applied learning in preparation for today’s modern world.

Our Vision

To deliver a true destination for learning that transcends expectations for students and employers.

History of SELC College in Canada

in 1985
in 1985


SELC was founded in 1985 in the city of Sydney, Australia,

in 2012
in 2012

Opening a new location in Vancouver

SELC has gone on to become a respected and established college for vocational career and language training in Vancouver.

in 2018
in 2018

Tremendous growth in Canada

We have developed our brand, unique culture and warm atmosphere, which has helped separate us from larger, less personal institutions. Students arriving at SELC for the first time are usually surprised at the range and quality of excellent facilities and support that SELC has to offer.

The Message from the President & CEO

Welcome to the exciting world of education in Canada. With your success as a primary focus, our main objective is to provide an education that will guide you towards a meaningful career.

SELC College is honoured to be a part of your journey. Never before have students needed mentorship and guidance as much as today in these current times and we intend to fulfil our mission to be a “Beacon of Light” for all our students – like a Lighthouse that provides safe passage from perilous waters. At SELC we believe in ‘Directed Learning,’ from industry professionals who serve as instructors and career counsellors who have gained the necessary experience in the workplace to guide students to enter the workforce.

We believe in our students and we are standing by to assist them before, during and after they graduate whether it be to provide lifelong free refresher training, lifelong free upgrading or lifelong free job placement assistance and support.